meet the team

Our team is very passionate and dynamic. We take the time to select the most talented individuals and lead them through the highest standards of work ethics and performance. Our people are high achievers, able to work under stress, quick to find solutions and are always striving for improvement. Of course, we are all passionate about coffee. Together our goal is to produce the best coffee that Burundi has to offer and make it one of the finest options available around the world.


Maxime Acien | Managing Director


francois ngizimana | Chief accountant

Nestor Mboninyibuka | Operations Manager

Domitien bizimana | Quality control manager

CARLOS BOBILLO Barbeito | Assistant director

Aline Kazoyisenga | Export Officer

Larissa Kaneza | Assistant Accountant & Admin

Frédéric Kanuta | Sustainability Manager

Ernest Nzohabonayo | Washing Station Supervisor

James Viljoen | Marketing and communications