The high altitude, volcanic soils, thousands of hills and plentiful rainfall in Burundi make for the ideal conditions for growing high-quality Arabica coffee. The country’s coffee is grown by local farmers on family-owned micro plantations located in collines (translated from French as ‘hills’). Each farmer manages between 250 and 550 trees that have been planted under natural shade. The farmers bring their cherries to the washing stations that are within accessible distance from their plantations. All of our Arabica coffee is of the Red Bourbon variety and is traceable, from bean to cup. We have built trust among the coffee farming community, not only for paying a good price for their cherries but also for paying them on time. 

We are incredibly proud of the award-winning coffee we produce. In 2015, our Nemba micro lot won first prize at the Burundi 'Cup of Excellence' competition and another 10 of our washing stations ranked among the top 30 micro lots in Burundi. In 2017, our Kibingo micro lot won first prize and another 4 of our washing stations were ranked in the top 5. Overall, we had 13 micro lots in the top 23. Since then, we have sent our coffee to almost every corner of the world, which has put both Greenco and Burundi's underrated coffee on the map.