Kahawatu Foundation

Paying a good price to our farmers for their cherries is not enough. We value the relationships and trust we have built with our farmers, which is why we work closely with the Kahawatu Foundation. Together with Kahawatu, we train our agronomists on the best agricultural practices and empower our farmers to become better business men and women through education, training and continued support. 

Photo courtesy of Kahawatu

Photo courtesy of Kahawatu


coffee farming communities

It is part of our mission to support the needs of our farmers and their families, which is why we have partnered with the 13 local primary schools that many of our farmers' children attend. We want to have an impact on the future generations in Burundi, which is why we have chosen to invest in their children's education. 

Students from Ecofo Nzove, a primary school in the Ngozi province.

Youth Unemployment

One of the socio-economic challenges we aim to address is youth unemployment. We give job opportunities to young graduates and train them within the highest standard of work ethics. They can all work with computer systems, which simplifies the flow of information. These graduates have a fresh and systematic approach to coffee production and processing, with up to date knowledge about farming practices.