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We understand that a sustainable business model is a must to create life-long partnerships with both our farmers and international clients. It is our responsibility to nurture and respect our environment, which is why we strive to improve the socio-economic and environmental conditions around our washing stations. 

  • Greenco has been 4C and UTZ verified since 2016. This means that everything we do is done in a transparent and sustainable manner. We respect human rights and provide fair working conditions for our farmers. Our coffee is produced with respect to the protection of the environment and in a manner that is economically viable.

  • Our main source of energy is the sun, which is why all our coffee washing stations are fitted with solar panels. The solar panels provide energy for computers, smartphones and lighting. 

  • Each washing station has water treatment facilities and any water used throughout the wet mill process is filtered and its pH level monitored.

  • Through cautious planning vehicle usage is kept to a minimum at the washing stations.

  • Any cherry pulp waste that is generated during the processing of the coffee is converted into organic fertilizer which is given to farmers at the end of each season.